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As mentioned in my first blog entry, "Bullies, Psychos, and Internet Trolls," in January of 2009 my family was intentionally targeted by and individually named in a vexatious and nonsensical Federal lawsuit by pro se plaintiff, Deborah R. Dolen aka author "Mabel White." The fraudulent intent by Deborah Dolen was simply to extort us into paying her to go away. We subsequently found that Dolen has an extensive arrest history including felony counts. Her charges include, but are not limited to prostitution procurement, pandering, RICO violations, grand theft, money laundering, solicitation for arson, forgery and fraud. She was also sentenced to serve a term of seven years in prison because of racketeering, and had been previously determined incompetent to represent herself as pro se in a Florida Court. 

A web host by the name of Julie Ryals was another named and intentionally targeted defendant in this plaintiff's pro se lawsuit, and according to the unsupported but sworn Federal complaint of pro se plaintiff Deborah R. Dolen aka author "Mabel White," Julie Ryals was our "best friend." This plaintiff claimed we had "conspired with" this individual, but regardless of her nonsense and false claims, none of us actually knew Julie Ryals at that time. 

Mid-January, 2009:
I received a crazy-sounding, irrational, and threatening email from a "Mabel White, CEO."  I Googled this person's name and discovered that she was featured on the same scammer website as my husband's troublesome ex. The next day my husband was prank emailed through his real estate site by this "Mabel White" person and my mother received a phone call from a Deborah Dolen, who introduced herself as "author Mabel White." In that call, Dolen crudely threatened and verbally attacked and threatened my 84-year-old mother, and in trying to frighten and intimidate her, Dolen told her that she was going to sue her in Federal Court, take everything she owned, and throw her out in the street!  WHAT? 

I immediately began to try and find out who this person was and WHY my family was being involved in whatever this nut was threatening. I emailed the person who I found that the ex had publicly accused online of being the owner of that scammer site - Julie Ryals.  I did not get a response to my email, so the next day I found a phone number for her and called. I had my best, intimidating "I mean business" attitude primed and ready to go when a very pleasant-sounding voice answered the phone and completely threw me off track.  Dang it!  I introduced myself and ask WHY we were being involved in whatever these crazy threats from this woman were about. Ms Ryals simply suggested that I call and speak with her attorney (see sidebar) regarding the matter. It seemed she was in the same boat, sort-of-speak, with this pro se plaintiff person and was already aware of the nonsensical Federal lawsuit and claims being made.

The wheels of justice turn slowly, and for over three years, together we dealt with being the targets of an irrational person who played pro se game after game in our Courts, while at the same time making an active effort to publicly mock us, harass us, accuse of us imagined wrong-doings, libel us, damage our reputations, and continuously demand money from us for it to stop.

During the time in dealing with this nonsensical and vexatious lawsuit, I formed a natural bond and a unique friendship with Julie Ryals. I think I can honestly say that we provided each other with the strength to handle the absurd situation in an appropriate manner and not allow the grandiose and persecutory delusions, threats, lies, and harassment from pro se plaintiff Deborah Dolen aka author Mabel White to dilute our busy lives or the attention we devote to our families. It would've been easy to jump online in the many forums and other public places where this person brought (and continues to bring) our names into the arena and fight fiery words with fiery words. Personally, I'm just not into such a public display of puerile behavior. Completely ignoring this deluded person's crazy threats, lies, harassment, and continued extortion attempts was not the easy route, but the right thing to do. 

Athough we were both very cautious of the other for the first couple of months, I can sincerely say that I have found a true and quality friend for life! Julie Ryals is one of those sincere people that seems to be the exception and not the norm now-a-days, and I feel blessed to now call her my friend.

When I mentioned using my domain name for a blog, Julie offered me complimentary hosting, and I appreciatively accepted.

The "Federal lawsuit" and ALL claims against us were eventually dismissed (with prejudice) by the Federal court and we were granted fees against pro se plaintiff Deborah Dolen aka Mabel White for what the Federal Court determined to be her "vexatious conduct."

For more information about our experience with pro se plaintiff Deborah R. Dolen aka author "Mabel White" and her attempted lawsuit scam:

"What kind of a person intentionally targets and preys upon, then would purposefully try to intimidate and humiliate the elderly --- for sport?"

How and Why Deborah R. Dolen aka "Author" Mabel White Targeted My Family In a Pro se Lawsuit Scam, and the Ugly Truth About Her Vexatious Lawsuit and Cyber Bullying Claims.

Disclaimer: This is my own personal blog where I have shared my family's own personal and direct experience. The opinions expressed here are also my own and are based solely and directly from this personal experience.


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To those of you who so kindly and generously supported the cause in our defense against pro se plaintiff Deborah Dolen:
Thank You!

Thank you, Kent!

It isnít very often  when you stumble across someone that is a genuine and caring person. Our attorney, the late Kent A. Rowald, was one of those people. He appeared out of nowhere like a guardian angel, handled this crazy case (and the nutcase) for us, and never asked for anything in return.

It was a pure privilege to know Kent and to call
him my friend.


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