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The Casablanca Inn on the Bay in St. Augustine, FL


The husband and I were so excited about celebrating our anniversary this past weekend. Our favorite get away spot has always been St. Augustine, Florida, and whenever we'd walked up and down the picturesque...


Just in Case You've Been Wondering...

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Ever wonder what a Black Skimmer does on a typical weekend at the beach? They're a protected species, so they don't even need to make reservations...


A Story About a Little Nightstand with a Big Determination to Survive. . .
It was just a tiny little nightstand that sat by my daughter's bed side throughout her childhood. It was plain and barely noticed, but it did it's job of holding up her lamp and her making sure she had a place to set her glass of water at night...



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You are invited to read my sister's story, where she shared her thoughts and feelings while facing the challenges of breast cancer.



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