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A Little About Me:
Oh, here it is... the "let me tell you about me" page. I need to write something here, but not enough to let any cyber snoopers or psychos (and you know
they're out there) know many details about me, but clever enough to keep your attention. Oh, gosh! Tricky.... huh? Let me see.... Okay... here goes at an attempt, and a short (generic) version of the past 59 years of being me:  

My name is Joanne Kidd. (I'll bet you figured that out already.) I'm the second daughter of a 6' 4" Texan father, and beautiful redheaded mother. Those tall genes kicked in early in my life, and before I was out of grade school I was nearing the six-foot mark. 

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This staggering ability to stand out in a crowd continued throughout childhood. I was awkward, I was towering, and you know I was a big ole mark for being bullied - or at least that's what today's term is for it. I came from an era where there wasn’t a lot of attention drawn to that. The approach back then to any whining about it was more like, “Toughen up, Buttercup.” Learning how to act, react, and deal with people was all a part of life and building character. Little did I ever know back then that I would draw on that lesson again as an adult. That encounter is here.

Anyway, When I eventually controlled my knees from knocking, I ended up adapting quite well to my special gift of al-titude - proving many a little-old-lady right after listening to them tell me for so many years that one day... I would enjoy being tall.

I was so fortunate to be able to grow up in world where you could climb to the top of a neighbor's tree or get on your bike and ride like the wind as adolescent therapy for having to put up with a perfectly functional and loving family. Whenever not pursuing this type of remedy, there was always a good neighborhood game of kick ball or basketball being played in our front yard where we could blow off some steam. Life was simple ~ and life was good.

From pretty early on, I discovered that whenever I am thinking, creating, designing, decorating, painting, gardening, renovating something, or consumed in a project, I am at my happiest. I enjoy challenges, and whenever I look at something that appears to be ready for the trash heap, whether it's a room, an old piece of 60s blue-painted furniture, an overgrown and weed-infested garden, or even an entire house - if I know there are possibilities of beautification, I get an uncontrollable urge to whip out my magic wand and pretty it up! While most women herd to the mall in a ritual of gratification, I can usually be found at the paint store, hardware, or garden department somewhere, planning my attack. (I have been known to spend hours at a time there!) 

I am the mother of two absolutely wonderful and adorable [now adult] daughters, and they made my job of being their mother seem pretty easy. Both of my daughters are at the top of the list as my greatest blessings in life, and they have truly made this mom happy and proud! (Okay, 99.9% of the time...)  They have brought me joy every single day, and have become two of the most amazing women I could've ever dreamed they'd be. 

I am married to my soul man and best friend who makes me laugh every day. We met (and apparently formed a lifelong bond) when we were teenagers and then 28 years later we found each other again. That is a sweet story in itself and can be found here.

I am thankful for so much in my life, but something I am thankful for every day is that my parents provided me with a solid and loving Christian family foundation. They taught by example and set the bar high. In looking back, I can fully appreciate all their efforts, and also the fact that if one little aspect had been different in my life, it could have changed so much of what I hold dear and sometimes might even take for granted.










Getting My "Grandmommy-Me On:
Christmas 2011



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